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Crypto ladybugs or ladybirds, as we call them for short pose unique digital content that is distributed using P2P technology. The technology is decentralized ie not controlled by government or bank, it is a product of desire and enthusiasm of the Bulgarian community Bitcoin own decentralized currency based on popular software and technologies for Bitcoin. Despite the similarities with the popular technology here we bet some differences, which we believe are reasonable and correct:

The name is not technical. This gives us the freedom and charm and we hope to benefit from the interest among all users.
Ladybugs transfer from one to another user happens flexible and faster. New pupa is available in every minute as opposed to Bitcoin where a new block takes 10 minutes.
At regular intervals the number of fledgling ladybugs reduced by an integer or rather with a ladybug every 1.4 million pupae.
Do not pretend ladybugs have monetary value. Ladybirds are loved and beautiful insects, so our work is created with love. However, the first transaction is realized and goods shirt popular brand.
Use is similar to Bitcoin. Section portfolios will find ready to install portfolios, as well as source code for individual applications. Basic code for ladybirds free distribution, so those who can get acquainted in detail with the differences and method of use of the product.

Ladybirds are the product of consumer desire forum

Their use is free, such as liability and obligations to consumers is not. For this reason, use at your own risk.

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